What Law Enforcement Training Means to You!

To The Future Officers:

You are entering one of the most noble professions in the world, equal only to that of an American Soldier. Our Training Division is designed to test your limits, to instill those ever-so faithful words of Honor, Duty, and Respect and to prepare you for the eventuality that you may one day be called upon to lay down your life for that of your citizens, your community, or your Country. That is an awesome responsibility, for both you as future law enforcement officers, and for the instructors who will teach you, provide the path to success, and give you the tools that will someday save your life. You have an absolute duty to give us your all, to remain focused, and above all, demonstrate the courage that it will take to wear the badge of honor.

To The Instructional Staff:

Your task is incredibly important. You have the responsibility of ensuring that each and every student receives only the best in instruction, that we do things for a purpose, and that we provide them with every opportunity to learn. You have the duty to test their knowledge, to take all of the pieces and make them whole, and to ensure they can take that knowledge and put it to use. Your job is to make each and every student think, work, and make concepts a reality. Above all, your job is to graduate a top-cop, ready to serve, and ready to perform their duty.

To The Family:

Your task is the most difficult of all. In the face of difficult times, you must support our future officers. Understand the sacrifice they have made, and ensure they have the tools at home for success. Prepare yourself for the eventuality that these future officers may someday be called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice. They will need you more than ever!

- The Training Division Staff.



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